Frisco Montessori School's Pre-Primary Program’s main objective is to guide the children in developing independence, coordination, concentration, and order in a loving environment. In the Pre-Primary classrooms, children explore using their senses in a learning atmosphere that is stimulating and rewarding. 


Frisco Montessori School‘s main goal is to provide the children with a nurturing environment where they can explore their interests as well as discover new learning opportunities. 

  • Introduce and cultivate language using a vast vocabulary on a daily basis which is based on monthly units of study.

  • Prepare children for future independence separate from their parents and caregiver.  This includes washing hands, putting on a coat, and toilet training when the time is applicable.

  • To develop strong gross motor skills when exploring the classroom environment.

  • To encourage and strengthen fine motor skills while drawing, transferring, and manipulating objects.

  • Introduce toddlers to a social setting to develop appropriate social behaviors, such as sharing and respect for other children as well as respect for their learning environment.

Our Pre-Primary Program incorporates the fundamentals of Montessori learning with various specials classes throughout the day.  The Pre-Primary class enjoys Music, Spanish, and Garden, providing them with a complete, and well-rounded academic education.

The Pre-Primary Program is for children eighteen months through three years of age.


8890 Meadow Hill Dr. Frisco, TX 75033 Email: Phone: 972.712.7400 ​